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Slingshot C68

Slingshot C68

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The Sisma On-Demand Grinder C68 version is engineered for high-performance coffee grinding in busy cafes. It boasts innovative features such as a Vibration Levelling System for precise dose delivery, a cooling fan, micrometric grind size adjustment, and a programmable dosing system controlled by a joystick. Designed for efficiency and quality, it allows for both on-demand grinding and pre-ground dosing to accommodate peak hours, ensuring optimal workflow and minimal waste.

Key Features:

  • Vibration Levelling System: Guarantees precise coffee dose delivery.
  • Cooling Fan: Keeps the grinder at a constant temperature for optimal performance.
  • Micrometric Grind Size Adjustment: Allows for precise control of grind size.
  • Programmable Dosing System: Offers customizable dosing controlled by a joystick.
  • Versatile Grinding Options: Suitable for on-demand grinding and pre-ground dosing during busy periods.
  • Innovative Design: Enhances coffee extraction quality and workflow efficiency.


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