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Kilo’ Auto Tamper

Kilo’ Auto Tamper

Kilo’ Automatic Tamping Device

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The Kilo' Precision Automatic Tamper is a cutting-edge tool designed to enhance efficiency, speed, and consistency in busy coffee shops. Engineered to deliver a perfect level tamp for every shot, it caters to the needs of various barista preferences and coffee types by allowing customizable tamping pressure ranging from 3 Kg to 30 Kg. Its unique features ensure a seamless and precise coffee preparation process.

  • Adjustable Tamping Force: Offers a range from 3 Kg to 30 Kg, suitable for different coffee types and barista preferences.
  • Programmable Tamping Profiles: Enables up to three tamping actions at varied pressures for each shot.
  • Rapid Tamping Speed: Tamping time is incredibly fast, ranging from 0.8 sec for a single tamp to 1.4 sec for a triple tamp.
  • Precision Scale Integration: Features a precision load cell scale to control tamping pressure accurately.
  • Anti-Static Tamping: Unique tamping movement polishes the coffee surface while reducing static, ensuring no coffee powder sticks to the tamping disc.
  • Magnetic Tamping Disc: Easy to remove for cleaning, enhancing maintenance efficiency.

Tamping Disk: 58mm - 58.4mm - 54.6 mm
Tamping pressure: 3 to 30Kg
N. Tamping profiles: 3
N. Tamping: 1 to 3
Speed: 0.8 sec/tamp to 1.4 sec (3 tamps)
Power: 220-240v 60W
Weight: 3.5 Kg


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